Apr 11, 2024

International Medical Training

International Medical Training

International Medical Training

James Nolan's visit to the Havana Transplant Centre, Cuba to visit Dr Copo to see the fruits of their investment and all of Dr Copo's great work. From left to right: Head Sister of Havana Dialysis Unit, Emma McHenry, Dr Copo Head Cuban Transplant Centre, James Nolan PKRF.

Dear friend James,

How are you? I hope this message will find you, your family and your friends in good health. Here everything is fine. I received your e-mail concerning The Annual General Meeting of the Punchestown Kidney Research Fund Limited, I would like that you give my congratulations to the conmmitee and others members of the Charity.

I have visited Ireland in 2001, 2003 and 2005 for training in kidney and pancreas transplantation with Professor David Hickey in Beaumont Hospital.

I can't put in words how much the experiences acquired at the urology and transplantation service at Beaumont Hospital has meant for me from the human and professional point of view: the warmth and friendship that I felt since my arrival, my participation at all the hospital activities the possibility to study the application of the renal-pancreatic transplantation protocoland the state of art techniques in that field, the opportunity to visit other hospitals of the country, the high qualification of nurses of doctors at the urology and transpantation ward, authoritatively directed by a modest and very competent professional named David Hickey made a big impression on me.

My stay in Ireland allowed me to acquire the necessary knowlege to implement the renal-pancreatic transplantation program in my country. I trasmitted all my experiences to my colleagues in order to create the national transplantation co-ordinating office at my hospital, I gave lectures and worked out the transplantation protocol according to our conditions and we specified all the supplies needed. We put in to practice the renal-pancreatic transplantation program in cuba and the firth patien have 19 months whith very good evolution and high quality of life, we performed 58 liver transplants and more than 400 renal transplants. My hospital colaborates in the formation of many doctors of other nations in the technique of kidney, liver and pancreas transplantation in other countries. Thank you very much for your kindness, I am very grateful to you and the Punchestown Kidney Research Fund Limited, for everything.

Ireland is always in my heart,


Your friend,

Dr Jose Antonio Copo Jorge